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Have you ever wondered why you like so many others just seem to always struggle in your personal life and business? 

Have you ever wondered why so many people around you are succeeding and you just seem to always struggle in your personal life and business? 
And I mean whether you are in your 9-5, own your own business, or doing both! The answer lies right there in your mind…..
It is such a serious situation which makes you wonder what everybody else is doing that you are not….. You try everything humanly possible spending so much of your hard-earned money on coaches, courses, programs, and you are yet to see your desired success!

Everybody wants to achieve success but very few actually do!  And if you’re saying…

  • I spend so much of my money on everything to ensure my success but nothing ever works
  • I am more qualified with more experience and yet I’m still stuck
  • I am always stressed and I worry so much much about what’s not happening
  • I connect with people on social media and join so may groups and yet I see no success
  • Why do I work so very hard and yet my results are the same
  • I feel like I cannot go on any more, I’m just frustrated
  • My challenges are more than I can manage
  • I am just not good enough
  • I just don’t believe I can be successful

You need to look at the only tool that you have full control over..

That’s your mindset…

You NEED to  retrain your mind for success!

So let me share with you a little bit about how retraining my mind helps me and my clients to start seeing not only ourselves but the people around us, business and our environment differently…..

I’ve always dreamt of being successful but it never happened until I became conscious of the things I thought about!

You see I spent so much of my hard earned money on everything else totally disregarding the one thing which directs everything else including my success….. Yes, that’s my mindset!

Growing up in a third world country and being pregnant at 16 are a recipe for disaster don’t you think? Well, that’s what many thought… And yes, I struggled at first not recognizing and leveraging the power my mind holds!

– So I got pregnant at age 16…

– My  father left us couple days before she turned four months

– then my baby brother died (can life gets worse)

-the love of my life died (dad)

– many of the people around me struggled to make ends meet

Yes, that’s the environment I was in…..

But eventually things began to change for me!

I realized that the more I focused on the things I want to see manifest in my life and less on the negative things around me then positive things began to happen in my life…

Simply put, I changed my mindset and began focusing on the things I want in my life rather than what I don’t want….

Yes, leverage the power of my mind and boom I started to see success.

– I got back in school and obtained my masters degree

– I got my dream job (well, at the time it was)

– Start my own brick and mortar business

– Became a published author

– Published multiple online courses

– Became a Mindset and Business coach helping individuals just like you to leverage the power of their minds for success…

And soon after that, I scored the opportunity to write for one of the BIGGEST writing platforms in the world…The Huffington Post!

My life changed FOREVER and you too can experience a total shift in your life and business. You too can and should experience success!

You should live your truth…Your truth is success is all areas of your life!

 Ask yourself, “Am I ready to live my truth?

If you’ve answered yes… then you are ready to leverage the power of your mind for greater success…

Mindset Fitness is definitely for you.

Here’s something you probably don’t realize…

Right NOW is the BEST possible time to give focus to the goals you want to achieve… 

You see, the things you think about the most will manifest itself in your life….

But spending so much of your hard earned money on all other areas in your life and disregarding that one very important area which directs everything…

Yes, that’s your mindset…….

– So you want to stop spinning your wheel.. you want to stop focusing on the things which are not serving you…. 

– You want to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs so you can take action to live a fulfilled and purposeful life…

– You want to start seeing some levels of success…

– You want to be happy no matter what….

– You want to embrace a new way of thinking…

You must retrain your mind to have clarity of thoughts which propels you to take actions aligned with your goals! 

Here’s why…

  • Successful people give focus to their mindset as they know that once it happens in the mind and action is taken then it manifests itself it their lives
  • It propels actions which closes the gap between current results and goals
  • It shows that you are serious about achieving your goals
  • It empowers you to take action even in the midst of setbacks and challenges
  • You know your purpose, passion and   your big why        

Enroll Now

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Today In…

Mindset Fitness Video Course

Take a sneak-peek at what’s inside this course…

MODULE 1: The Power Of Your Mind

  • Your Innate Mind Power
  • Embracing Your Truth
  • The Power Of Your “I Am”

MODULE 2: Retrain Your  Mind For Success

  • Release Your Destructive Thoughts
  • Embrace A New Way Of Thinking
  • You Must Have Clarity Of Thoughts

MODULE 3: Freedom And Healing Through Forgiveness

  • Overcome Fears And Experience Freedom
  • Strategies To Overcome Your Fears
  • Forgiveness Brings You Freedom to let go off negative emotions like hate and anger

MODULE 4: Your Limiting Beliefs Are Lies

  • Why You Must Relieve Your Limiting Beliefs
  • The Source Of Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Strategies To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

MODULE 5: Your Abundance Mindset

  • Your Consciousness Of Cause And Effect
  • Success Doesn’t Happen By Chance It Takes Intention
  • Leaders With Scarcity Based Mindset

MODULE 6: Your Fulfilled And Purposeful Life

  • Your Big Why Should Propel You
  • What’s Your Passion
  • Be The Inspiration
  • Are You Leaving A Legacy?

MODULE 7: Your Intentional Action

  • Take Action No Matter What
  • Factors Which Propel Action
  • Be Focused On The Things Which Will Move Your Goals Forward

MODULE 8: Your Charge 

  • Conclusion

But Wait…There’s More!

That’s not all…

Because when you enroll in Mindset Fitness, you’ll also receive the following FREE bonuses…

FREE Bonus #1: 50% Discount On Your Next Enrolment With Us

Just by enrolling in Mindset Fitness you get a whopping 50% of your next course purchase ($750. Value)

FREE Bonus #2: F2 Live Q&A Calls

Do you have a question which is unique to you that you can’t figure out? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  You will get 2 live Q&A calls where you can ask me about mindset. You will be on a live call with me in a safe environment to ask me anything you are struggling with. ($1600 Value)

FREE Bonus #3: Free Limiting Beliefs Workbook 

This workbook helps you to work through your limiting beliefs as you take a step by step plan of action to eliminate them! ($30 Value)

FREE Bonus #4: Free Private Facebook Group To Keep You Accountable

This bonus is very important because you get the support you need to succeed! Sometimes you only need that accountable aspect to just keep you moving forward! Why? Because no matter the pace you are going forward it’s better than not moving at all. ($500 Value)

What Past Students Are Saying…

Sophia’s mindset course is very transformative. It empowers me to make a 360 degree turn in the way I think about things. I am now working through my past experiences and finding ways to learn from them instead of having them bug me down. I am now convinced that my limiting beliefs are lies and that I will continue to believe. Great course. I highly recommend Sophia’s course to anyone who’s seeking to transform their minds and taking action. 

Rose S.


There’s no better time than the present to focus on that one very important thing which directs everything else in your life

NOW is the perfect time!

So enroll in Mindset Fitness today and start living your fulfilled and purposeful life.

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