Profitable COURSE CREATION BLUEPRINT: The Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Online Program

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About This Course

Are you struggling to start, grow or scale your business?

Are you longing for a freedom which comes with having a sustainable business?

Well… you’re not alone…there are so many out there just like you. They continue to trade their time for money which in the end brings frustration, anger, stress and ultimately burnout…

It doesn’t have to be that way… there’s so much to life than being pinned down in a job you hate or a business which does not bring in revenue constantly… And I mean whether you are in your 9-5, own your own business or doing both!

The answer lies right there in the creation of an online program!

You see, many business owners have failed to see the power of having an online program……. they look around them and see other business owners demonstrating a lifestyle filled with freedom and they wonder…. What’s wrong with me?

Many people want to achieve success but the reality is very few will actually achieve it!

Not because they are not smart but because they are doing what everybody else is doing… You need to be thinking and acting differently to be able to experience a different result. It cannot be business as usual if you are serious about creating a business that is sustainable over the long term… An online business which is economic and location proof…. And if you are saying …

  • I spend so much of my money on everything to ensure my success but nothing ever works
  • I’m doing the same thing in my business day in day out and I am getting the same result
  • I opt into all the freebies available and still looking for more and nothing changes 
  • I work in my business 24/7 and my results are the same
  • I’m always thinking that I’ll never make it

Success requires taking action relentlessly even when it seems nothing is happening

But, if you are doing the same thing you cannot expect a different result…. You have to be deliberate and consistent in your action but you must be strategic… You see, if you want to have a different result, you must align your mindset with your desired results and with a system or a coach who will help you to get your desired result. You see, in your personal life and business you have to be willing to make the necessary changes when it is time to do so!

You might ask, “how so?” Timing is everything! You have to be willing to do what most people are not doing….

Creating an online program is one of the fastest ways to grow or scale your business. If you are serious, you can use an online program to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Creating an online program helps to…

– grow and scale your business

– bring lifestyle freedom to not only you but your family as well

– get you out of the norm of trading your time for money because you create your online program once and you get paid over and over again

– reach more of you ideal clients than you could ever reach personally

– give more value whilst you make money in return

That is why I have createdProfitable Course Creation Blueprint: Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Online Program

So you can have a step by step blueprint which will teach you how to create your own online program. You see, when I started my business online a couple of years ago, I struggled at first because I was trying to keep up with everybody else… I opted in from one freebie to the next available one…

I was trading my time for money and I realized pretty early that a business model like that was not sustainable. I was stressed because I was not getting enough clients and I was just at my wits end…

Can you relate to that?My solution came when a friend of mine who’d asked me if I could help her with a course.

I did, and it was only that time that I truly realized that it was the solution to not only my problem but many other business owners too…..

I created one program, then the second, then the third and one would have thought I would stop there…but I didn’t. 

I began helping more people to start, grow and scale their online businesses by creating and selling online courses

You see, no matter what business you are in, you can create an online program from it because you get to give more value to more of your ideal clients whilst you sell your program over and over and remember you created just once. Do you now see the benefits of creating an online program yet?

My life changed FOREVER and you too can experience a total shift in your life and business. 

You too can and should experience success!

You should live your truth…Your truth is success is all areas of your life!

 Ask yourself, “Is my business generating the kind of revenue which enables growth?

If you’ve answered no… 

Then you must take action today to create a sustainable business which will generate the kind of revenue you want in your business.…

Enroll Now

Here’s something you probably don’t realize…

Right NOW is the BEST possible time to give focus to the goals you want to achieve… 

You want to have a sustainable business for freedom for you and your family.. 

But spending so much of your hard earned money on so many different things which are yielding you zero and disregard that one very important business decision which has the potential to give your business the shift you are so yearning for. 

Yes, that’s the creation of a paid online program to grow your business …….

– So you can stop spinning your wheels.. 

– So you can stop wasting your hard earned money on things that are not growing your business…. 

– So you can have a business that’s economic and location proof…

– You want to have a sustainable business which does not require your day to day presence. Why? Because this course creation program will help you to create your program once and get paid for it over and over and again.

– You want to take action now to get your business on a path which creates a steady stream of 5, 6 or even 7 figures for that matter. 

Yes, I did say 7 figures! Everything is in abundance and there is enough for you to earn 7 figures in your business. 

You must take action now to propel your business on a revenue generating path! 

Here’s why…

  • You create lifestyle freedom like you never did before
  • You create your online program once and get paid for it over and over again
  • You reach more or your ideal clients than you could ever reach personally
  • You give value to more of your ideal clients whilst generating more revenue

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Today In…

Profitable Course Creation Blueprint:

Take a sneak-peek at what’s inside this course…

MODULE 1: Your Online Course Prep

  • Your Success Mindset
  • The Benefits Of Creating An Online Course
  • Course Creation Process
  • Equipment Needed To get You Started

MODULE 2: Creating A Buzz Around Your Course

  • Using Social Media To Start Your Buzz
  • Give Value
  • You Must Have Clarity Of Thoughts
  • Your Facebook Challenge

MODULE 3: The Essentials Of Your Course

  • The Format Of Your Online Course
  • The Source Of Your Course
  • Naming Your Online Course

MODULE 4: How To Get The Content From Your Source

  • Creating A Course From Your Expertise
  • Creating A Course From Your passion
  • Creating A Course From Your Experience

MODULE 5: Creating Your Course

  • Creating The Outline Of Your Course
  • Creating A Flow For Your Content
  • Preparing To Record Your Lessons
  • Pricing Your Online Course

MODULE 6: Recording Your Lessons

  • 5 Tips To record Your Lessons
  • Editing Your Lessons
  • Hosting Your Video Lessons
  • Where Will You Sell Your Course?


  • Your Way Forward

What Past Students Are Saying…

Sophia is very knowledgeable about online course creation. Her course Profitable Course Creation Blueprint provided all I needed to get my first online course . I definitely can recommend Sophia’s course.

Glendon L., Entrepreneur, Engineer, University Lecturer 

So enroll in Profitable Course Creation Blueprint today and start getting paid over and over again for a course you have created once.



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